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Table of Contents

Section Chapter
File Formats Saved Games
World Data Files
Binary Files
Temporary Files
Miscellaneous Data
Catalog Contents Battle Image Catalogs (?)
Other Catalogs
Source XML


This is very much a work in progress. Please excuse broken links, missing content, etc.

File Formats

All of the file format description files were generated from XML files using XSLT.

Saved Games

Filename(s) Description
saves\*.sav Saved game (regular)
[saves\*.bsv] Saved game (battlefield data)
[saves\default] TODO: base character data for trading members at inns?

World Data Files

File name or type Description
catalog (*.cat) Catalog file (pseudo-filesystem)
darkland.alc Alchemical formula definitions
darkland.cty City definitions
darkland.dsc City descriptions
darkland.enm Enemy definitions
darkland.loc Location definitions
darkland.lst Lists of items, saints, and formulae Map of the world
darkland.snt Saint descriptions

Binary Files

File name or type Description
darkland.exe Darklands executable

Temporary Files

Filename Description
cache.tmp Temporary file: inn cache data
charactr.tmp Temporary file: character data
locs.tmp Temporary file: location data

Miscellaneous Data

menu (*.msg) Menu files (see also msgfiles)
Image catalogue (*.imc) Files from battle catalogs.
Font set (fonts.*) Font definitions.
structures Structures common to several files
enumerations Enumerations common to several files
Enemy palettes Palette chunks for IMC files rendering.

Catalog Contents

Several of the Darklands data files are actually "catalogs": collections of many smaller files. Most of these have a ".cat" extension. All of them have a common structure.

Battle Image Catalogs (?)

These catalogs all contain files with an ".imc" extension. Most likely, these are battle sprites and overlays.

The filename part of these files follows a standard encoding scheme; substrings of the filenames (ie "A00CBAX") can be broken down ("A00" "CB" "AX") as follows:

Character Positions Meaning
1-3 The image group (ie, "F60" for Gretchen, "M01" for a wild boar). Another place where three letters indicates an image group is the party_images array in the saved game files.
4-5 "CB" for combat, "WK" for walking, "DY" for dying (or dead).
6-7 For combat or walking images, the weapon being carried (ie, "AX" for an axe, "HG" for a handgun).
These positions are never filled for the dying/dead image.

The catalogs themselves are grouped by image group, or by a set of image groups. "" contains just the "A00" images, but "" contains all of the "E??" images.

Catalog File Contents IMC files for an alchemist ("Hans") IMC files for a cleric ("Ebhard") IMC files for human enemies IMC files for a male fighter ("Gunther") IMC files for a female fighter ("Gretchen") IMC files for non-human enemies

Other Catalogs

Catalog File Contents
bc TODO TODO (Editor assets? Not present in ver.7) .PIC files of enemies (for enemy info display, probably) Graphics? Tiles? for city, mine, outdoor, and castle
lcastle TODO
msgfiles Menus and cards (see also *.msg)

Source XML

Note: links in this section may or may not be viewable in your browser, depending on how your browser interprets incoming content. The "AddType" directive was added in the .htaccess file, but that isn't always enough. If you are having problems viewing these files, do a lame-click->Save, save as a .txt file, and view that way.

All of the file format content was generated via XSLT from source XML files. The intent was to create an XML protocol for describing file formats that could be used to create HTML viewable content, as well as C structs (or other language constructs). The support files are:

Filename Purpose
file_format.dtd DTD for the file format XML files
simple_inline_html.dtd "Simple HTML" DTD (for extended descriptions)
file_format.xslt XSLT file for converting file format XML into HTML

And the source XML content is:

cache.tmp.xml character.tmp.xml darkland.alc.xml
darkland.cty.xml darkland.dsc.xml darkland.enm.xml
darkland.exe.xml darkland.loc.xml darkland.lst.xml darkland.snt.xml dksaveXX.sav.xml
enumerations.xml locs.tmp.xml structures.xml X.msg.xml

Ignore This

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Filename Links Description
banner.dat   Text welcome screen (and eventual choices)
bootdisk.exe Executable Boot disk creating util
credits.pan Movie  
darkland.fam Hall of fame data (unused in game)
darkland.msg Part of installer Renamed pkunzip executable.
death.pan Movie  
enddark1.dgt Sound data?  
enddark2.dgt Sound data?  
enemypal.dat format Palette data for enemy sprites
fin0a.pan Movie  
fin1a.pan Movie  
fin2a.pan Movie  
fin3a.pan Movie  
fin4a.pan Movie  
fin5a.pan Movie  
fonts.fnt format Game fonts
fonts.utl format Same format as fonts.fnt. Nearly identical contents.
hitseq.dta TBC sounds?
install.exe Part of installer  
install.pif Part of installer  
mgraphic.exe   Executed at the start od darklands.exe binary
misc.exe   Executed at the start od darklands.exe binary
mpscopy.exe Part of installer MicroProse Software Unpacker
opendark.dgt Sound data? One for all game opening movies
openin6z.pan Movie 4th part of opening movie
opening2.pan Movie 1st part of opening movie
opening3.pan Movie 2nd part of opening movie
opening4.pan Movie 3rd part of opening movie
opening7.pan Movie 5th part of opening movie
opening8.pan Movie 6th part of opening movie
opening9.pan Movie 7th part of opening movie (the last one)
psound.dlc doc file Don't steal this game
readme.txt doc file Version info.
tac.txt tmp file Some TBC log
tacanim.db   TBC related file
terrain.fil tmp file  
xtract.exe Part of installer Zip extracting util