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Best Android applications & games (for me & for free;])

I've tried a lot of free apps to suit cheap Android devices (Archos5, Archos 43, ZTE Skate). Here is what I've found. I also prefer reasonable app size and some kind of minimalism.


APV PDF Viewer
Simple but neat PDF viewer.
Folder Player
Simple audio player able to play folder contents.
Jota Text Editor
Forget of fancy task/notes managers. Get organized by simple text files instead.
GPS Status
Simple tool to see how bad your phone GPS is. ;) Also provides simple navigation to given coords (usable for geocaching or remembering where your car is).
Usable but still simple image gallery (supporting intents!)
Simple tool to make alarm/ring tone from mp3
Business Calendar Free
Nice Google Calendar replacement.

Games & amusement

Roguelike gem.
Pixel Dungeon
Roguelike gem. Fancy looking, but hard a bit.
Excellent space shooter in classical form.
Perfect Piano
Best keyboard app I've found. No (or minimal) sound lags even on slow devices.
Choice of Broadsides
"Choose your adventure" style game. If you'll like it, check other games from Hosted Games & Choice of Games LLC.